“During my 40 year career, I always took pride in helping my clients in difficult situations.  Gary Garrison who has worked with me for a couple of years and has over 30 years experience in criminal law, has assumed my law practice at the same location.  I learned a long time ago that criminal law is not just about guilt and innocence.  It is also about forcing the criminal justice system to treat people fairly and not to take advantage of them.  I feel confident that Mr. Garrison can provide you with the professional legal assistance that you need when you have been accused of a crime.”

– Richard Keen  (Retired)


Anything that you can be arrested for, or put in jail for as punishment, has to be considered very serious.  Do not go to court alone.

Always consult with a qualified criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible after your arrest.


Mr. Garrison limits his practice to the area of criminal law in State courts including:


In the state of Texas, drunk driving falls under one of two categories – Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).

Traffic Tickets

A “traffic ticket” is a Class C Misdemeanor in Texas.  The maximum punishment is a $500 fine plus court costs.  A conviction of a traffic offense in Texas can have many negative effects

Driver's License

There are MANY reasons that can cause your driver’s license or driving privilege to be suspended, invalid, cancelled or blocked.

Occupational DL

An Occupational DL is a limited license and normally allows you to operate a motor vehicle to drive to and from work, in connection with work, and to and from school.

Criminal Cases

Criminal cases are divided into two basic categories, misdemeanors and felonies. Violations of the law have different types of possible punishments.

Under 21 Alcohol Offenses

Minor in Possession (MIP), Minor in Consumption (MIC), Purchase or Attempt of Purchase of Alcohol by Minor, etc.



Mr. Garrison commonly represents clients throughout West Texas including, but not limited to, the following counties:  










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The information on this site is designed to provide general information on matters of criminal law and to raise questions that you should discuss with your attorney.  It does not represent legal advice and does not take the place of consulting with an attorney regarding your legal problems. There are many technical areas that only an attorney will have the experience to investigate properly.

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